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 Identifying and training outstanding individuals representative of diverse views and experiences to assume leadership roles in economic, cultural, philanthropic and civic development for the tri-state area.

Leadership Siouxland

Training Tomorrow's

 Leaders TODAY

There has never been a more important time, need or desire for genuine "leadership" than the present. Supporting Leadership Siouxland is important to the future of this community. By educating interested people on Siouxland and sharing with them how they can make a difference, this class can truly help to make Siouxland prosper.

– Garry Smith



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Leadership Siouxland is a nine-month program. Students meet one night a month, with each class focusing on a different aspect of life and business in Siouxland. There are sessions on the Arts in Siouxland, Economic Development, Diversity, Non-Profits, Politics, etc. (See our Curriculum for more details.)

Lead Through Change: The Health Care Issue


This event offers access to high quality leadership experts that will equip those affected by dramatic shifts in the healthcare industry with immediate, proven ideas and techniques designed to help them Lead Through Change.


You will receive tools and learn actionable ideas that will help shape your personal leadership abilities while simultaneously growing your team's leadership skills during this season of rapid and sizable industry changes.


While some speakers are best-selling leadership authors, and others are recognized real-world leaders with proven track records of applied leadership experience, the concepts and discoveries they will share with you and your team are translatable into every setting where you are being called to lead.

Speakers include:

Dr. Charles Norman

Tom Daschel photo
Dr. Jeremy Lazarus photo
Dr. Charles Norman photo
Ronald A. Paulus MD photo

Tom Daschle

William H. Frist MD photo
Dr. John Maxwell photo

William H. Frist, MD

Ronald A. Paulus, MD

Dr. Jeremy Lazarus

Dr. John Maxwell

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the December 2nd recorded simulcast of Lead Through Change has been canceled.


If you are interested in purchasing the full recorded Simulcast that has valuable content on leadership, positive workplace culture and the overall economy of healthcare and future trends, contact Kathy Perret today! Time is limited.

Leadership Siouxland - Training Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Leadership Siouxland is the community leadership development program for the tri-state area of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Its purpose is to train community-minded individuals from business, government, education and other sectors for leadership opportunities.


Leadership Siouxland's program helps students diversify their networks, gain recognition as emerging leaders, stay connected in the community, and take part in future growth of the community. By motivating participants to a higher level of community awareness and involvement, Leadership Siouxland helps ensure that the Siouxland area has strong leadership for the future.


Learn how to become a catalyst for Siouxland's growth...
for Siouxland's development... for Siouxland's future! Register today!

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