Through our monthly sessions, Leadership Siouxland focuses on key topics each month that are important to the Siouxland Community and specific leadership skills. The dynamic program is enhanced annually so no experience is exactly the same! A listing of potential topics is provided below.


(The last Thursday in September) Required all day session. Focuses on learning about ourselves and includes the Gallup Strength Finder/Talents to Strengths. Also, a history of Siouxland is provided to set the basis for understanding our community.

Economic Development

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access and Accessibility)

Mission-driven Organizations

Education and Health

Public Safety


Self-Care for Leaders


Presentation of community service projects and year-end banquet

Additionally, national leadership program curriculum is used to enhance our participants own leadership style and skills. The Positive Leadership curriculum focuses on seven key aspects successful leaders need to be conscious of when working within their own companies or in the communities they serve. Authenticity, Purpose, Reason, Resilience, Sponsorship, Community Building, and Gratitude are individually woven within a session and together as a whole.